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Devonshire Tea 

Immerse yourself in the charm of Bradley's Garden with our delightful Devonshire Tea experience. Nestled within our breathtaking country garden, our exclusive garden gazebo offers a serene setting with eight supremely comfortable chairs where you can unwind and savor the company of your companions.

Indulge in a classic Devonshire Tea, featuring delectable scones served with rich jam and luscious cream, all elegantly presented on fine bone china. To complement this exquisite treat, you'll have the pleasure of selecting your preferred tea from our extensive range of blended varieties, each thoughtfully brewed and served in individual teapots.

This delightful experience includes the indulgence of the Devonshire Tea but also access to our stunning garden—a serene oasis of natural beauty.


Small Group $30 per person

Large Group (7 or more) $40 per person

If you're in the mood for a different culinary adventure, consider our Wine and Cheese offering. For $45 per person, you can savour a sumptuous cheeseboard amidst the beauty of our garden. Please note that the cost covers the cheeseboard and guided garden tour, with wine not included in this particular package.

Whether you're craving the elegance of Devonshire Tea or the sophistication of a wine and cheese pairing, Bradley's Garden invites you to enjoy these culinary pleasures within the tranquil embrace of our captivating garden setting.

Wine and Cheese


Melana Bradley


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